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  • YAMAHA ALTO From $850 "As new" & refurbished
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  • Backun Alpha $995 BEST BUY
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  • second hand and vintage brass
  • Kuhnl & Hoyer Premium Malte Burba
  • Protege Clarinet Cocobolo with Yellow Gold Keys
  • SECOND HAND and vintage winds
  • Selmer Mk6, Mk7, SA80, Series 3 - Selection
  • hercules stands Great Value!
  • Tiger Trumpet In Stock Now - $399
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New Pearl Flutes in Store

New Bach Trumpets and Trombones in Store

Kühnl & Hoyer - Innovative New Models

Test Inderbinen's Exotic Range


David Temby, after spending time with Thomas Inderbinen and his staff in their brass and woodwind instrument making premises in Switzerland, lets us into the world of this famous brand and the man behind it:


Phoebe Trying out Backun Clarinets in Hobart

Talented Tasmanian 12 year old clarinet student Phoebe, test plays Backun Alpha Clarinets with Cocobolo and Grenadilla barrels and bells and Protégé Cocobolo clarinets with the help of her parents, David Temby and her teacher from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. A great and fun day!

Shane Gillard plays the latest Temby trumpet model and gets a huge surprise

First call Melbourne trumpet player and The Music Place trumpet specialist, Shane Gillard tests and reviews Temby standard and Cycralign model trumpets and then gets a huge yet pleasant surprise when he finds out what is in the new release horn. Well worth watching!

Fitting amazing German pistons to new model Temby trumpet

Here is the final fitting of the patented MAW system valves to a custom Cycralign™ Temby professional trumpet. The airflow results are astounding. Watch our video with Shane Gillard playing, comparing and reviewing the new horn

Video Tip - Stratospheric sax gliss by Dean Hilson

Melbourne's own Dean Hilson demonstrates his approach to the stratospheric sax gliss.

Stephen O'Connell recording on Temby Saxello

Stephen O'Connell recording on Temby Saxello

Stephen O'Connell (composer and saxophone player) is one of the most highly regarded and sought after saxophone players in Australia. Stephen has a broad background and training in classical music traditions and has specialized in the fields of jazz, blues, funk, rock and pop with extensive recording and live experience. He has toured, played and recorded with many well-known artists including Dorian Mode, Bob Henderson, Simon Tedeschi, Kevin Hunt, Ross Wilson, Phil Manning (Chain), Eugene Hideaway Bridges, Steve Arvey, Kamahl, Rolf Harris, Four Kinsmen and JW Jones.

Listen to Stephen O'Connell's latest recording on Temby Saxello "Flying Fish"


Welcome to new Temby Trumpet Artist - Gianni Marinucci

Gianni Marinucci"A few years back I was asked to book some special guests for the late night Jazz I ran at The Melbourne International Brass Festival. I immediately thought of the man who inspired me so much through my career. That man was Bob Venier. His sound and musicality on the trumpet gave me real direction and continue to inspire me to this day. On the gig, Bobby told me his newly acquired Temby trumpet was the best horn he had played. Of course I was curious, but was involved with another company. Recently I went and tried a whole bunch of horns as I was after a new direction, and the Temby B.V. model was one I tried. I could not stop thinking about that horn, and eventually borrowed one to try on a whole bunch of gigs. Needless to say I fell in love with it. It helped make that sound I hear in my head and played so easily.

I am so proud to endorse the trumpet of my idol Bobby Venier, beautifully designed by Dave Temby, and to be involved with the wonderful staff at The Music Place. Thankyou Dave, I so look forward to working together!”

Gianni Marinucci


What a night!

at "The Limerick"

Bob Bertles, Bob Venier and Gianni Marinucci

In early July this year, at the iconic jazz venue of the 1980's & 90's. "The night at the limerick was an amazing, world class gig. Bob Bertles, Bob Venier, Gianni Marinucci, Dean Hilson, Josh Rogan, Tim Wilson, Christophe Genoux, Mike Webster, Nev Shade, Tony Naughten, Barb Moulday, Paul Williamson, Ania Reynolds & Carl Polke, Nancy Hayes, Andy Free, Ron Anderson, Dave & Amanda Bray, Steve Conlin, Chris & Trevor Street (Look out for Chris!) Earle & Earle, and the list goes on... was the best 20th anniversary present that anyone could imagine ... I am so lucky to have such amazing friends and the best, loyal staff that any business could have!" ...David Temby

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Bob Venier tests Temby Trumpets

Australian trumpet icon - Bob Venier play tests 3 Temby professional trumpets. Here, he demonstrates and talks about the differences in models - Vintage, Custom and Custom Cryo (cryogenically treated).

Bob has had a varied career in television bands, big bands, orchestras and the internationally acclaimed "Pyramid". He is also the man behind the famous flugelhorn solo on LRB's "Reminiscing".