Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet w/ Nickel Keys

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Finally, a clarinet designed for students that professionals would be proud to play. 

The Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet is the result of years of research and development and the desire to give student clarinetists an affordable instrument that won’t restrict their development.

The Alpha Clarinet is crafted from an ideal blend of synthetic material for maximum resonance and durability. With its stable, resonant, and lightweight synthetic body, water-resistant black Valentino pads, durable and ergonomic key work, and adjustable thumb rest with neck strap ring, many hours of enjoyable practice and performance are ahead.

Made from a proprietary synthetic material chosen for its excellent tonal qualities, the Alpha also gives professional players an instrument that they can confidently use for performances where a wooden instrument might not be appropriate.

Each Alpha Bb Clarinet comes with one (1) Alpha 65mm Barrel, one (1) Alpha Bell, and a Mouthpiece Pack including a Mouthpiece, Ligature and Mouthpiece Cap and a Case.

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