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Buy Yamaha secondhand with peace of mind and warranties.

Buy Yamaha secondhand 'as new' and refurbished saxophones with complete warranties from one of the world's famous saxophone stores - The Music Place. Why would you buy a new Yamaha saxophone when you can buy a fully refurbished Yamaha student model sax and get a bonus .... the exclusive 'The Music Place Warranty'.

Choose from current model Yamaha saxes or other secondhand Yamaha alto or tenor saxes. Usually, we recommend that you may be better off buying an "as new" or secondhand Yamaha sax so that you can save some serious $'s. Are there any dangers? Definitely not!  We always guarantee that our secondhand instruments are in perfect playing order and provide 12 month warranty on them. In fact, having seen literally thousands of secondhand saxes sold through our stores from the very early 1990's to now, we believe that you will get a far better deal buying secondhand..... and maybe even a better instrument!

Since the 1960's in Australia (ask our senior staff who remember having played, tested or repaired all the models since then) Yamaha instruments have had a really good name in the education sector. However, their instrument designs and models have changed dramatically over the decades to the point that the many different models have totally different keywork designs and different sounds. Is this a problem? ... maybe or maybe not!  Bear in mind that people of different ages and heights will have a variance in hand size, finger lengths, finger widths etc etc ... some models will suit each individual better than others.

In fact, we are great fans of some of the older 1980's and 1990's model saxes which are usually reasonably priced and have a solid reputation for being constructed with longer term reliability in mind (if they have been serviced regularly). We always endeavour to keep a good range of refurbished and "as new" Yamaha saxophones in stock so that we can run our "sax fit" process correctly for each player. Even if up until now, the only brand you have considered is Yamaha, we still recommend that you explore other relevant brand and model options to make sure that you, your child, friend, or whoever is going to be learning to play this instrument, purchases the most suitable instrument for THEM, irrespective of brand perceptions.

What should you do now?

Please feel free to visit our store and discover the entire world of saxophones in one place. Better still, maybe you would rather book in for a free "Sax Fit" session with one of our fully trained professional staff,  you will need around an hour to go through the process correctly. Contact us to arrange a suitable time.


Or maybe it's Time to Upgrade? ... If you have been playing for a year or two (or more) and want an intermediate or advanced quality instrument to help you to sound better and accelerate your learning, you should visit our Melbourne store to see and try out our extensive range of intermediate, professional and custom saxophones. Spend as much time as you like playing and having fun exploring the huge differences in the vast array of brands and models.Our secondhand Yamaha range is constantly changing, so give us a call today, or drop in for a visit!

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