Zagar David Zagar Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Article number: P-3347
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Zagar sax mouthpiece designs are 'baffle-free', insofar that the most critical volumetric area (entry into the mouthpiece) is consistent with the original equations of Adolphe Sax - the original inventor of the saxophone.,,Whereas other makers/manufactureres have resorted to baffles and/or wedges (acoustically imperfect constrictions within the critical entry side of the mouthpiece in order to brighten or add projection), Zagarsax has consistently and relentlessly aimed to create brilliance and projection through puritanical acoustical means that do not compromise the response and eveness of timbre over the instrument. Through the understanding of an acoustic phonomenon known as Internal Resonance Coefficient (IRC), acoustical resonance becomes a realization. High IRC effectively 'amplifies' the natural acoustic (sonic) sound wave induced into the material 'matrix'.,,IRC and a thorough knowledge of 'Materials Science' has facilitated the zagarsax team to produce powerful and brilliant design concepts with the following unparalleled attributes:,, ᆬ superior generic saxophone tone ('balanced' sax timbre), ᆬ super-even response
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