Forestone Japan Black Panther RX Series Alto Saxophone

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This is a true piece of beauty!

A special limited edition release for Forestone Japan's 10th anniversary, the 'Black Panther' produces a large solid sound and is extremely responsive to play. The body tube material is a unique alloy of titanium and white copper (cupronickel or copper nickel) combined with a with a thick black nickel plate on the outside. The inside of the bell has clear lacquer allowing the beautiful material colour to show. Finished with immaculate engraving that is deep enough to go highlight the rose coloured body material. The silver plated keywork sparkles, topping off this exquisite instrument.

The Forestone Japan RX series alto saxophone is packed with the most staggeringly powerful mechanic construction imaginable. The instrument is engineered with a Hybrid post construction with thicker brass layers to make the sound more resonant.  It has undergone a full cryogenic FVCT treatment on body, neck and rolled tone holes. Pisoni Pro Pads, real mother of pearl touches and beautiful hand engraving on tyhe saxophone body and neck. Made in Japan

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