Korg KDM3 Digital Metronome

Article number: P-17147
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The KDM3 combines sleek classic design with the functionality that you expect from a digital unit and a loud beat. The KORG KDM series is renowned for its powerful volume and its clearly-audible tone. Along with an attractive look that resembles a miniature mechanical metronome, it also contains a rich variety of beat patterns and metronome sounds. It's also packed with the convenient functions that you expect from a digital unit and will support your performance in situation, regardless of genre or instrument. Eight metronome sounds. 19 beat patterns support songs of any genre. Easy one-touch operation and an easily-readable display. Choose from three types of tempo settings to suit your needs Sound Out mode lets you tune while listening to a reference tone. Timer mode is convenient for practicing the basics. Memory Backup function and Auto Power-Off function. Long-life design ensures worry-free performance even during extended practice sessions. The KDM-3 allows approximately 120 hours of operation when used at 120 beats/minute at maximum volume. Even if you're practicing daily, you won’t need to worry about the remaining battery life.
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