Korg Humidibeat Metronome/Humidity Measure - Black HB-1

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Portable metronome with a built-in thermometer and hygrometer

Thermometer and hygrometer let you keep an eye on your instrument's condition

Excessive moisture, dryness, and extremes in temperature are major enemies of a musical instrument that can cause damage and can also affect your performance. The first step in keeping your instrument in good condition is to be aware of the temperature and humidity in its storage location. The Humidi-Beat contains a thermometer and hygrometer, allowing you to check these vital statistics at any time. The temperature and humidity are checked at ten-second intervals*, and a warning Lo/Hi indication is displayed if the humidity falls outside the range of 40--60% considered ideal for a musical instrument. The Humidi-Beat is extremely compact, so you can leave it in your instrument's case, or attach it to the outside of the case, ensuring that you'll always be aware of your instrument's environment.
* When the metronome is on.

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