Secondhand Amati Mellophone AMP-202

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Amati brass and woodwind instruments are made exclusively by skilled Czech craftsmen, who draw on centuries of experience and passion for music. Together in cooperation with outstanding musicians we proudly present instruments with their own soul and unique sound. This AMP-202 F Mellophone is the standard yellow brass, clear lacquer model in the range for Amati. Shaped like a french horn though play like a trumpet with right hand pistons, it blows with just the right amount of back pressure to increase a student's ability to improve. It has a prompt warmness to the tone but is quite responsive and bright when it needs to be. The stainless steel valves are in a compact cluster to make play-ability easier and allowing the player to access fast passages on it. This particular horn is in good shape with signs of use. There are a couple of small dents and the finish is showing small signs of wear but besides those few imperfections it looks good. Just serviced and includes The Music Place FREE* standard Instrument service within 12 months of purchase.

 *Excludes accidental or malicious damage.
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