Jo-Ral Mute

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These World famous mutes and accessories are designed to meet the requirements of todays demanding musicians. The acoustical design of the Jo-Ral mutes creates the most exciting tonal qualities, resulting in near-perfect intonation. Jo-Ral mutes are made of spun aluminium, and have been tested to preform evenly in all registers. Many models are also available with brass bottoms, offering a slightly warmer sound and copper bottoms with an even darker, rich sound. For 30 years, Jo-Ral founder Joe Alessi has designed premium-quality mutes, refining Jo-Ral products to provide ever-greater levels of acoustical and tonal performance. His designs have been tested and found worthy by some of the most talented professionals in the music business. Used extensively by leading brass players are found in every musical venue, from symphonic band and orchestra to jazz and studio sessions.
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