PiezoBarrel ‘P7 ‘ Pick Up for Saxophone

Article number: 210000015325
Availability: On backorder

We stock a range of components for the PiezoBarrel and assemble the kits to order. For the pickup kit without a mouthpiece, in the notes section at checkout please add the adapter for mounting that you would like or let us know what you intend to install the pickup in to ensure the correct fittings are supplied.

All kits include:
P7 pickup
screwdriver for adjusting gain
1/4" to 3.5mm lead
blocking screw
mounting fitting

Mouthpiece kits come with mouthpiece with preinstalled fitting. The stand alone 'Pickup Kit' will require installation of the adapter fittings. This involves drilling the mouthpiece or neck at the location of installation and soldering or gluing the fittings. We can install for you for $35. 


The PiezoBarrel P7 pickup has a brighter sound with more upper partials than the PiezoBarrel 'Wood', and although designed for Saxophone, it works well for a variety of other instruments such as the Bass Clarinet. The PiezoBarrel P7 is available with a low cost mouthpiece (soprano, alto or tenor) ready to use, as well as being supplied with extra fittings to be soldered onto a sax neck or fitted into a mouthpiece. You can use the P7 to drive effects or just to get a natural sound without the problems of feedback and spill from other instruments.

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