Retro Revival Shorty Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Article number: P-16018
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This classic Selmer mouthpiece was known for its warmth, fast articulation and great intonation. The 'Soloist' was most notably demonstrated by the great Joe Henderson for his entire career and currently by monster musicians such as Rich Perry and Gary Campbell. ,,The Retro Revival 'Shorty' replica, with it's 'horseshoe chamber' captures that inherently warm mid-range beauty and will easily let you play gritty and ferociously when pushed harder. ,,Original untouched 'short shank' Selmers are very difficult to locate and rarely found with tip openings larger than a 'D'. Retro Revival 'Shorty' is available with "D-E-F-G-H' and 8 or .110 tip openings.
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