Retro Revival Tru-Res Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece, 1940s Otto Link Reso Chamber Replica

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The Tru-Res just sound fantastic and has a beautiful rich sound, the tone is one that will suit any Jazz player or classical. it's vibrant and has a really dark core and is so even up and down the horn its just a pleasure to play. if you follow Ben Wendell and Shamus Blake you can hear what a truly fantastic mouthpiece this is. Made of the finest German Eburnated Hard Rubber, and CnC milled to our precise measurements each and every Model that is made is just a great playing piece. Unlike the used pieces that sell on eBay and are mostly non original and also have smaller tip sizes our Retro-Revival Mouthpieces will come in a 7*, 8, 8* tip so that's something that is an asset. Also the used pieces on eBay will sell for $ 700-1000 compared to ours which are half that price. The Reso-Chamber was soon a hit classic piece that was played by the finest saxophonists in the world.
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