Secondhand Bach Stradivarius Model 12 Trombone

Article number: P-15757
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The Bach model 12 features a 7-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered bell designed which enables great resonance and projection. It boasts a .500" bore design that will continue to provide a balanced and light response. Combine those features with the clear lacquer finish and you have a beautiful, subtle warmth to the overall sound. The Bach Stradivarius model 12 tenor trombone is designed for the versatile lead player looking for a high-performance straight trombone. This particular secondhand Bach Stradivarius Model 12 trombone is of a late 1970’s production. It plays warm and open with great sound and projection. Although it isn't much of a looker it still provides a sweet tone and easy high register, blows nice and evenly it is a truly nice little horn. Includes The Music Place FREE* standard Instrument service within 12 months of purchase.

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