Temby Signature Trumpet Gold Lacquered

Article number: P-1205
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These trumpets feature rose brass lead pipe to initiate an easy airflow & gold brass bell for a claen sound.The ML bore encourages all players to produce a more realxed an open airflow than a smaller bore trumpet.The precision engineered & fitted valves are among the fastest & most reliable ever made as are the slides.Does it need a first valve saddle?- many pro players & teachers love this horn because it plays in tune unassisted, is uncomplicated & is light.The ease of playing is enhanced by eliminating the extra mass of solder & brass that a first valve saddle requires.,,Please Note: While there are new instruments available from other countries that cost significantly less, The Music Place only chooses to stock products that we know meet our stringent quality demands so that you may be assured of playability, reliability and resale value from all our instruments.

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