KGU Brass KGU Brass Saxophone Screw 157g

Article number: P-19064
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KGUBrass Heavy Saxophone Neck Screws provide demanding musicians with more possibilities to improve tone and timbre quality during playing an instrument. Due to their weight, they can efficiently generate the energy inputs and create a better resonance of the output sounds. As a result, a saxophone changes its sound in a very efficient way, it becomes more colorful and vivid, perfect to render a wide range of emotions. If you were always trying to reach more stability while taking high or low notes, finally this day has come. Our Neck Screws are created to provide you with more stability during performing pieces. It will surely lead you to a bigger number of brave musical experiments, provide you with more confidence and recognition. Reliable material (brass) is well combined with beautiful coating. Depending on personal taste and demands, musicians can choose accessories covered with gold, silver or uncoated raw brass. Attractive incrustation by natural semi-precious stones adds a good, noble flavor to the design. You can use these sax neck screws with a variety of instruments: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone. If you’re looking for noticeable improvement or want more focus or resonance, this is surely the thing you need. Experience the best accessories made by KGUBrass and enjoy more freedom in self-expression.

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