Warburton Anchor Grip Trumpet Mouthpiece Top

Article number: P-3908
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If you have thick or fleshy lips and the feeling that your mouthpiece doesn't seat as securely as you would like, Warburton Anchor Grip Tops may be for you. These are different from standard tops only in the outside rim area as shown: Side profile of the Standard Top Side profile of the Anchor Grip Top Anchor Grip on standard backbore top - standard top - anchor grip anchor grip Less bulk in this area offers the following advantages to the player with fleshy lips: 1. Rim seats more securely - eliminates the effect of being "pushed away" when lip musculature is fully engaged. This may reduce the amount of arm pressure necessary for a good seal. 2. Improved tonguing performance - less arm pressure and muscle tension means quicker ignition to the buzz. This shows up immediately in the form of cleaner attacks. If you are getting an airy sound in your attacks or the dreaded "twah-twah" effect when single tonguing, you need to try an Anchor Grip!
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