Warburton Signature Series Mouthpiece Top

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TW - Designed by Terry Warburton specifically for his own lead playing back in the 1970's, the shallower cup design is well suited for players who prefer the Bach 3C cup size but spend much of their playing time above the staff. Has a slightly wider rim with a modified outer edge shape for added comfort and support. Inside Diameter .660”, Outside Diameter 1.095”, #27 bore. ARTURO - This is Terry Warburton's CNC (what is CNC?) version of Arturo Sandoval's 40 year old Bach Mt Vernon 3C. Inside Diameter .660”, Outside Diameter 1.086”, Medium deep bowl, #27 bore SHOOP - (Chad Shoopman) - Inside Diameter .587”, Outside Diameter 1.087”, Shallow V style cup, #28 bore. This is the top demonstrated in Chad's famous YouTube video. Chad prefers our #10 backbore. BWA (Brian Anderson) - Inside Diameter .590”, Outside Diameter 1.058", Shallow v-bowl, semi-flat rim, bore #28. This is similar to the Marcinkiewicz Ingram model, but with more room at the top of the cup. P. RODRIGUEZ (Pete Rodriguez) - Inside diameter 0.660", outside diameter 1.075", bore size #27. Similar to our 4MC cup, but with a slightly deeper and more bowl shaped cup. JH (Johnny Hodges) - Very shallow V-bowl high compression lead piece. Johnny prefers our NY backbore with this top. #8 inside diameter (0.620"), Outside Diameter 1.055". JLM (Joenuel Lebron Millan) - Shallow V-bowl cup design. Inside diameter 0.656". More outer diameter than standard #4 rim (1.095"). Bore size #27. Joenuel uses our "NY" backbore with his JLM top. This is a shallow lead-style piece great for players who use the Bach 3 diameter and find it difficult to play the smaller diameter pieces. More info on the JLM model... CK (Craig Konicek) - Shallow lead style cup with no "undercut", comfortable, #5 inside diameter (0.650"), 1.090" outside diameter. This is an alternative to the Marcinkiewicz Shew #1 model. The rim is wider to the outside and more defined on the inside. CT Signature Trumpet Top CT (Chris Tedesco) - Based on Warburton 4SV, but with larger entrance into the throat. 0.660" inside diameter, 1.075" outside diameter, bore size #27. ODNEAL - Very small inside diameter with a shallow V cup design and round rim. Inside diameter 0.590", outside diameter 1.090". Similar to our Shoop model but with a wider entrance. WCC (Bill Carmichael) - A shallow V cup with very small inside diameter of 0.590", outside diameter 1.090", semi-flat rim, bore size #26. This piece does not feel as small as the dimensions would indicate due to the shape and outside diameter of the rim. L AQUINO - Shallow V cup design, inside diameter 0.630", outside diameter 1.090", bore size #27. This top is being played by top call Latin lead player Luis Aquino and is a great alternative for players who find the Marcinkiewicz Shew #1 to be too wide on the inside. Luis prefers our #5 backbore with this top for all his lead work. More info... R.BIRCH - Personal top of Bob Birch. Inside diameter 0.680", outside diameter 1.090", medium-deep bowl, bore size #23. This is similar to our 2MD, but with more girth at the bottom of the cup and a more pronounced inside bite. MF - This model was programmed for John Robinson, The nature of the rim contour which "melts" into the cup makes exact inside diameter specs difficult to explain using just one number, but using our method of measuring inside diameters that number would be .590". The outside diameter is 1.050". FRAZE - This top was designed for Mick Fraser of the Royal Australian Air Force Showband. This top would appeal to players who start off great with very shallow cups, but have trouble later on in the performance. Inside diameter .620" Outside diameter 1.090"
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