PiezoBarrel PiezoBarrel 'Wood' pick up for Clarinet

Article number: P-19306
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The PiezoBarrel 'Wood' is a popular pickup for clarinet designed originally for the clarinet to provide a natural warm dark sound and add a little reinforcement to the chalumeau register. The PiezoBarrel 'Wood' offers high output, eliminates feedback and prevents spill without requiring external power or a preamplifier, and reproduces the natural sound of the clarinet with remarkable clarity while minimising breath and mechanical noise. It is great for live performance or recording and can also be plugged directly into effect pedals. You can purchase the PiezoBarrel 'Wood' with a clarinet barrel that has a brass adapter already installed, or you can use the supplied fittings to install the pickup on your own instrument. The 'Wood' is also suitable for brass instruments such as Trombone and Bass Clarinet, although the PiezoBarrel P7 is currently recommended for the Bass Clarinet.
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