XO XO 1600i Roger Ingram Trumpet Gold Lacquered

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The XO 1600i Bb Trumpet, as played by Roger Ingram,'sets the new standard for professional horns. Crafted by top engineers, designers, and Jupiter artist Roger Ingram, the 1600i is the premier trumpet for playing lead in any ensemble or style. The .453 medium bore is one of the reasons the 1600i is so consistent and finds the upper partials so well, allowing any player to feel comfortable in the upper registers. The 4.8" bell and rose brass lead-pipe mean you can play many styles convincingly, perfect for ballads or even classical tunes. Featured with the trumpet is the XO trim kit and 2 tuning slides. The trim kit has heavy weight bottom caps, flat finger buttons, heavy or light springs and metal or plastic valve guides. Everything you need to costomise the trumpet to your needs.
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