Repair Workshop - Custom Work


Our highly trained technicians are here to work with you to achieve your requirements. From minor keywork adjustments to single hand operated saxophones - we can help you.

Custom work is an area where our technicians can stretch themselves to help achieve your dreams.

Custom finishes, different bells, special engraving, easy-of-playing redesigns, ergonomic improvements, updating vintage keywork, altering tuning, fabrication of obsolete of missing parts are just a few of the things we can assist with.

With our 3D printer we are able to design and test modifications and ideas prior to final permanent fabrication.


Add a front F on vintage saxophones
Fabricate missing keywork
Improve vintage octave mechanism
Double arm bell keys for added strength
Extra key stop feet for more solid performance and feel

Ergonomic alterations to accommodate arthritis or finger injuries

Install specialist water keys
Shorten tuning slides

Increase note venting

and much more


Contact us to discuss your project.




Page under construction. Check back soon to see some examples of our work.