Repair Workshop - Saxophones

How healthy is your sax?

Are you are unable to play low notes as easy as you could last week, or last month? Are your pads sticky? Does key noise seems to be getting louder? Do you find yourself having to press the keys harder and harder? All of these things suggest your saxophone is overdue for a service.

We are very proud of the meticulous quality and fine attention to detail of our work. Saxophones are our passion and as sax players ourselves, we understand the difference between an adequate job and a perfect one.


Here are a few tell-tale signs that your Sax may be due for a service or in need of repair:

  • Does your G# or low C# key stick?
  • When you are just about to play the low notes on your horn, do you cross your fingers hoping that your instrument will play the correct note?
  • Have you just changed mouthpieces and find playing your Sax is a hard task?
    Are some notes stuffy?
  • Are you squeezing some keys too hard to make certain notes sound?
  • Do your keys feel even throughout the range?
  • Are the higher notes out of tune?
  • Is your Sax sounding a bit like a percussion instrument?

If these issues are familiar, please contact us right away!



All prices below are a guide only. You will be given an accurate quotation when the instrument has been inspected by a technician. If we find that extra work is required after commencement of the quoted work, we will contact you. We will then discuss options and pricing prior to commencement of any extra work. We aim to always have your instrument playing at its best.


Standard Service

Alto – $299
Tenor – $299
Baritone & Soprano – $375
(Prices include parts)

  • Check neck cork (if needed, replace neck cork – add $39)
  • Reseat pads as required and close any leaks
  • Replace up to 4 pads (as required)
  • Clean pads
  • Replace key corks and felts (as required)
  • Check neck neck tenon and basic fit (as required)
  • Regulate timing
  • Lubricate keywork
  • Check pivot screws, rods and posts
  • Play test


Full Service

Sopranino – quote on inspection
Alto – $425
Tenor – $425
Baritone or Soprano – $585
Bass – quote on inspection

Includes everything in a Standard service plus:

  • Disassemble
  • Ultrasonic and/or chemical clean body and neck
  • Basic hand clean keywork
  • Clean hinge tubes and rods
  • Minor dent removal
  • Replace neck cork (as required)
  • Replace up to 3 springs (as required)

Full Service Optional Extras

Hand polish, extra pad replacement, spring replacement, pivot rod or screw replacement, swedging, precision tuning, balancing action, pearls – replace or repair key tops, lapping rods and hinge tubes, dent work, soldering and custom key work.



Sopranino – from $1800
Soprano – from $1500
Alto – from $1500
Tenor –  from $1500
Bari – from $1600
Bass – from $2200


  • Suggested when there is excessive lateral key movement and/or more than 50% pads need replacing
  • Dismantle and Ultrasonically and/or chemically clean body and keywork
  • Straighten keywork, guards and body
  • Minor dent work
  • Swedge / tighten keywork (remove lateral movement)
  • Replace all pads (brown kid leather with standard resonators)
  • Replace corks and felts
  • Replace neck cork
  • Basic soldering work (as required)
  • Balance action and silence keywork
  • Replace up to 5 springs

Please note that we use premium pads with either plastic domed resonators or rivet domed metal resonator as standard pads. Other pads and or resonators are available including: white or black Roo Pads, Snap-in, JS pads, Pisoni. We also stock a range of resonators. Please speak to us to work out which combination will suit you best.

Sax gourmet black Roo pads – Add $200

We also offer extra options for fully custom set ups including key modification/fabrication. Call us for more information.


Saxophone Restoration

All instrument restorations are quoted on a case by case basis after inspection. Please contact us to arrange a time with our technicians.


All standard and full services are supported by our 3 month warranty covering parts and labour (excludes standard wear and tear). All repads and restorations have a 6 month warranty covering parts and labour (excludes standard wear and tear). Minor “settling-in” adjustments are also covered within 3 months of these services.

Call or email us to make a repair booking