Adams CN1 Yellow Brass Bb Cornet - Silver Plated

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Key: Bb
Bell material: 1 piece hand hammered Yellow Brass
Bell diameter: 126 mm
Bore: L 12 mm
Leadpipe: Nr. 1 Yellow Brass (0.55)
Trigger: On main tuning slide
Valve section: Yellow Brass (medium heavy) - extended
Valves: 3 x top center stainless steel
Finger buttons: Yellow Brass, flat
Finish: Silver plated
Gauge: 0,50
Case: Included (Adams/Gard)

Of the two cornets that Adams builds, the CN1 is a true wind- & fanfareband instrument adding warmth and softness to the trumpet section and expand the register's sound idiom. More and more composers are writing for trumpet/cornet. The instrument with short-action valves and shepherd's crook has a very direct articulation and responds easily in all registers.

The CN1 cornet has an easy and responsive articulation. The typical "big, round" sound, blends smoothly into any orchestral environment. The instrument has a large bore (12 mm), short stroke valves and a medium heavy valve cluster and buttons, offering a superb sound quality. The inhouse, one-piece handhammered yellow brass bell produces a beautiful warm sound with great projection, and the silver plated finish adds a touch of brilliance to the sound.

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