Adams CN2 Gold Brass Bb Cornet - Silver Plated

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Key: Bb
Bell material: 1 piece hand hammered Gold Brass
Bell diameter: 126 mm
Bore: L 12 mm
Leadpipe: Nr. 2 Yellow Brass (0.55)
Trigger: On main tuning slide
Valve section: Yellow Brass (medium heavy) - extended
Valves: 3 x top center stainless steel
Finger buttons: Yellow Brass, flat
Finish: Silver plated
Gauge: 0,55
Case: Included (Adams/Gard)

The design of the Adams CN2 is completely focused on the typical brass band sound and is built in a more traditional style with a wider build and a slightly heavier 0.55 gauge. The 1-piece gold brass bell and goldbrass leadpipe give the instrument an even warmer timbre than the Adams CN1. The instrument has a large bore (12 mm) and a medium-weight valveblock.

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