Adams F5 Copper Bb Flugelhorn - Lacquer

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Key: Bb
Bell material: Hand hammered full Copper
Bell diameter: 160 mm
Gauge: 0.50
Bore: ML 10.5 mm
Leadpipe: Nr. 2 (0.402") of nr. 3 (0.413")
Valve section: Nickel silver balusters with bronze casing (medium heavy) - Straight flow
Valves: 3 x top center stainless steel
Finger buttons: Brass, flat
Waterkey: Traditional
Finish: Lacquered
Case: Included (Adams/Gard)

The Adams F5 Flugelhorn is a wondeful combination of a vintage sound concept and advancements in modern technology. The instrument plays very easily because of straight direct-air column ported valve-set, resulting in a so-called 'straight flow'. It allows the leadpipe to continue in a straight line into the bell, assuring less resistance while playing. The valves of the F5 are short-action for easy virtuoso playing, and the instrument has a very compact feel. The F5 comes with a full copper bell which makes the instrument even more lush and rich.

The all-copper bell with a diameter of 160 mm is hammered by the Adams craftsmen from a single sheet and has a wall thickness of 0.50. It is the only brass instrument that Adams makes out of copper. A very soft material, which is also reflected in the sound. The F5 comes standard with a 10.5 mm ML bore.

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