Adams Prologue Yellow Brass Bb Trumpet

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Key: Bb
Bell Material: Yellow Brass
Bell Diameter: 124 mm
Bore: ML 11.7 mm
Finger buttons: Yellow Brass, flat
Waterkey: Traditional
Finish: Silver plated or lacquered
Gauge: 0.55
Case: Included 

Incorporating know-how and technologies developed in the production of our high-end professional trumpets, the Adams Prologue offers a consistent, lively sound. The instrument is very well-balanced and fits very comfortable in the hand. During the development of the Prologue, the instrument makers of Adams focused on a light response, making the instrument easy to play for almost any trumpet player. It makes the Adams Prologue Trumpet a wonderful instrument for players looking for their first professional wind instrument. Both serious amateurs and advanced professional students will find this trumpet an instrument that will meet all requirements.

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