Temby Artist .925 Flute w/ Eb Roller; Heavy Wall; B Foot

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For advancing flute students, conservatorium students & advanced level flautists. The ultimate in high end design, perfprmance, sound, response, reliability & back up support from the maker at a reasonable price. Advanced design, hand cut & finished embouchure, french pointed key arms, silver selected for harmonic structure, ergonomically perfected design & exceptional quality manufacture.Tonally beutiful with diverse & flexible colours that an advanced will use to mould their own sound or blend in a section.This flute also features a D# roller for smooth transistions & C# /G - G# trill key to to avoid awkward fingerings. B foot. Open Hole, Eb Roller, C# Trill Key, B Foot, Heavy Wall

Head Joint Material: Sterling Silver
Body Material: Sterling Silver
Key Arms: French Point
G key: Offset
Foot Joint: B Foot
E Mechanism: Split E
C# Trill key: Yes
Warranty: 3 Years
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