Bach Stradivarius LT190S1B Commercial Bb Trumpet

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Since 2007, Bach has been going through a renaissance in their manufacturing and design department. We have seen a return to many of the traditional methods and techniques returning Bach trumpets to their proper quality of true top tier professional horns. Along with this revival of quality, Bach has set out to bring players even more options in their professional choices. Starting with the Artisan models in 2010, Bach has shown a dedication to bringing players even more performance options and quality than has been available in decades. Now, we can add 2014 as another example of this dedication from Bach with the arrival of their new "Commercial Model" trumpets! Designed with a #1 taper - Vincent Bach's very first official bell design - 5" light weight bell made out of bronze, the Commercial model combines a light weight body with minimal bracing with a true vintage throwback feature of 2 piece valve casings with Bronze upper balusters. The final result is a horn that offers power & projection with amazing response and a rich core tone! To further enhance the horn's performance, Bach includes 2 different main tuning slides (1 square, 1 rounded) so that you can further tailor your new horn's performance to match your needs! (NB: The review above, by Dave Ruth, appears in DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE, Apr. 2015) ___________________________________ The Music Place is one of Australia's most trusted online music stores, with decades of experience with all the biggest and best brands in instrumental music. Our range of saxophones, trumpets, clarinets and other woodwind and brass instruments is sure to impress and fill the needs of all players - from beginners and enthusiasts right up to the country's top professional horn players. In fact, we are proud to have some of Australia's most influential musicians amongst our friends and clientele. Whether you need basic supplies, new mouthpieces or just some advice in chasing your sound, The Music Place is here to help you find better playing at better prices.
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