Backun Bb CG Carbon Clarinet

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The world’s most technologically advanced clarinet, the CG Carbon features a body crafted from carbon fibre with an exotic wood core. Using a patented process, carbon fibre is fused to the precision machined core, resulting in a clarinet with the robust projection and unmatched intonation that Backun is known for. Years of material analysis and real-world testing have proven the fusion process can endure wide-ranging temperatures and humidity conditions without expansion or contraction of the clarinet body. Tonally, the playing characteristics stay true to that of a wooden clarinet with the new Backun Scale. This signature model, designed for Maestro Corrado Giuffredi, represents a giant leap into the future… and beyond.

Available in Bb and A, unstained Grenadilla or Cocobolo body with gold or silver key work. Automatic Low F vent, removable left hand Ab/Eb lever. Lumiere complex taper and tone holes. Approx 830g.

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