Backun MOBA A Clarinet Cocobolo w/ Silver Keys & Posts

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Backun MOBA A clarinet. Grenadilla. Silver plated keywork. BMS modular posting system. Automatic low F vent mechanism for exceptional intonation and voicing.

The MoBa was born from a desire to improve everything and sacrifice nothing. When it was released, it set its own path, but unrelenting artists took note and lead the way. Soon the whole clarinet world was turned on its head, and the MoBa became a modern classic that's been referred to as the "Stradivarius of the clarinet world".

Today's MoBa blends modern CNC technology with tried and true hands-on craftsmanship, and each one is build in Canada. Its increased resistance and dark tone colour make it the perfect match for today's' soloists, orchestral players, and those who give their all to their craft.

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