Boveda 72% RH 10-Pack Size 8 For Reeds

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Now available in a huge 10 Pack! Best value for money for reed storage humidity control packs.

With reed instruments the sounds or vibrations are made when air travels across a thin piece of wood called a reed. Reeds play better when wet. A reed that has been soaked before playing will have more flexibility than a reed straight out of the box. Dry reeds are more likely to crack or warp and will affect your sound.

To store your reeds at a stable, ideal humidity level, Boveda has created two products. The 72%-8 gram pack and the 84% - 8 gram pack.

Our 72% two-way Boveda packs will suit most frequent players. your reeds will be sufficiently humidified for immediate use. If you perform frequently, we suggest having a separate reed case with an 84% 8 gram Boveda pack inside. This humidity level ensures optimal humidification for top performance.

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