Classical Fingers - Clarinet Finger Optimiser

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Classical Fingers is an innovative learning tool that helps students build the correct muscle memory essential for playing the clarinet. A specifically engineered guard covers all of the essential keys of the clarinet ensuring the fingers do not lift too high from the surface whilst maintaining a similar distance to travel. In return, this allows students to glide over the keys with ease as their fingers are always at the correct height and in position.

With an innovative clip & play design students simply attach the guard to two magnetic bands on the clarinet and begin playing. The guard can then be conveniently attached to a music stand whenever a student wants to check their improvement. The magnetic bands can also be left on the clarinet when packed away and the guard can be placed in the microfiber bag it comes with during transit.

Classical Fingers is not only essential for beginners but is great for all levels of players. Whether preparing for a recital or an examination, Classical Fingers eliminates any unnecessary finger movement ensuring a better performance and improved results.,The concept of Classical Fingers came after years of teaching and noticing that most students who struggled played the clarinet whilst lifting their fingers too high from the keys. As a result, this would lead them to miss keys and to not play as smoothly or quickly as they potentially could. I found that hovering a pencil over students' fingers to prevent this from occurring greatly improved their accuracy and smoothness. From this simple teaching technique I began working on the idea of developing a learning apparatus that would help my students achieve this on a more regular basis away from the lesson.,From this exciting concept the evolution of Classical Fingers was finally realised with the optimisation of the finger position essential for all levels of players and the innovative clip & play design for ease of use. The clarinet is a beautiful instrument so careful consideration has been taken in the design of Classical Fingers to show off a sleek and elegant design whilst complementing the aesthetic, quality and structure of the clarinet. ,

Phil Lambert B.Mus - Clarinetist, educator and inventor of "Classical Fingers", Melbourne Design Awards: Classical Fingers was a winner at the 2013 Melbourne Design Awards.

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