Consignment Temby Custom Tenor Saxophone - Silver Body, Gold Keys

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Here we have a pre-loved Temby Custom Tenor Saxophone - in the Silver and Gold configuration.

This has just been through our workshop, and is in optimal playing condition. It is however cosmetically showing some signs of its age in the finish.

"The Temby Custom range of saxophones all feature the same starting body and keywork design with changes to the finish and tweaks to keywork layout for the individual models.

They have unique features that set them apart from other brands including genuine mother of pearl key touches from Broome Western Australia and the fast & smooth actuating roller octave mechanism for correct alignment of the left thumb. This reduces the chance of discomfort, and the potential for repetitive strain injuries to the left hand and wrist. Carbon steel springs give a light & fast key action & Temby’s ultra keywork results in a mechanically quiet mechanism. The redesigned low C key is the same as all recent Temby horns – shaped for ergonomically secure finger positioning. The pressure is reduced and balanced for the player’s weakest finger (the smallest finger).

The ergonomic, redesigned low Eb/C keys are comfortable and help the weaker little finger on the right hand to articulate those notes easier. It facilitates fast and smooth transitions from Eb to C and allows for secure finger location for other intervals."

This instrument is being sold on Consignment. The Music Place is only acting as a sale agent on behalf of the consignor. There is no warranty available through The Music Place - expressed or implied. We are unable to offer our normal returns policy on consignment instruments. The instrument is sold 'as is'. Please choose carefully as all sales are final and no returns are available. Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any questions of would like more images

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