Dave Guardala Handmade Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Gold plate

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These beautifully handmade mouthpieces are meticulously optimised, with smooth surfaces and exceptionally precise handwork allowing them play more easily and are very consistent and reliable.

They come with ligature, cap and elk-leather bag.

The Models

This model features a high baffle, medium bore. Suitable for a wide range of playing situations ranging from David Sanborn Style to traditional jazz or bigband. It has a bright full-bodied compact sound with high volume.
Tip opening 6 = .076", 7 = .086"

This model features a moderately high baffle with a slightly larger bore than Studio model. The sound is reminiscent of the "Cannonball / Phil Woods" style. It is suitable for a wide range of playing styles from Rock and Roll to Bigband lead alto. Tip opening .080"

It is patterned after the sound of King Curtis – a combination of the Detroit & Texas sound. This mouthpiece incorporates a high baffle and a small chamber. This mouthpiece can be used for the same types of Music as the SuperKing/ R&B. For players who are acquainted with high baffle and small bore mouthpieces, it can be used for Mainstream, BeBop, Jazz and Contemporary Pop. Tip Opening .085"

A new BIG chambered handmade model for the ultimate traditional sound. Tip opening .078"

FATBOY mouthpieces are fatter than the original Guardala’s. The elliptical shape allows the mouthpiece to have a larger size, with a lesser increase of weight. The resulting size/weight ratio is the only way of producing a “BALANCED SOUND” with a mouthpiece larger than the original Dave Guardala Mouthpiece. The additional weight can give more resonances than the same model without. All other dimensions are the same as standard model.

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