Dave Guardala FiberCarbon Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Fatboy MB II

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These extremely lightweight and resonant mouthpieces are made from a new non-metal material - FiberCarbon (a mix of fiberglass and carbon). Expertly hand finished these are super responsive mouthpieces.

Based on the Guardala FATBOY external shape with the added 'Booster' for a better balanced and precise sound.

This model is a hybrid of the Studio and the original Brecker model. This mouthpiece has the high baffle of the Studio model with the large bore of the original Brecker model. This gives you increased volume and brightness with greater ease of playing. It is great for Contemporary/Pop, Rock and Jazz.
Laser trimmed and hand finished.

Comes with Ligature and Cap

The tip openings available:
7* - .106'' 
8* - .116"

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