Dave Guardala FiberCarbon FATBOY Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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These extremely lightweight and resonant mouthpieces are made from a new non-metal material - FiberCarbon (a mix of fiberglass and carbon). Expertly hand finished these are super responsive mouthpieces.

Based on the Guardala FATBOY external shape with the added 'Booster' for a better balanced and precise sound. The alto is available in two models.

This model features a high baffle, medium bore. It is suitable for a wide range of playing situations ranging from 'David Sanborn Style' to 'Jazz'. It has a bright full-bodied compact sound with high volume.
Tip opening 6 = 0.078", 7 = 0.086"

This model features a no baffle and a big bore. It is the perfect combination of the Florida sound and the modern Dave Guardala design. Tip opening 6 = 0.078", 7 = 0.086"

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