Dave Guardala Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

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These beautifully made mouthpieces are meticulously optimised, with smooth surfaces and exceptionally precise handwork allowing them play more easily and are very consistent and reliable.

They come with ligature, cap and leather bag.

Some models available in handmade and laser trim. Handmade models only available in gold plate finish.

The Models

This model features a high baffle and a small bore. It enables the performer to achieve enough volume to compete with electronic instruments without sacrificing sound quality. It is suitable for Rock and Jazz.
Tip opening .076"

Post Bop
This mouthpiece has a large bore and less baffle than the B.M. It offers the big round sound that Post-Boppers prefer. Tip opening .073"

This is an exact replica of the mouthpiece played by Branford Marsalis. It has a large bore and chamber and a moderate baffle. It is perfect for playing Mainstream Jazz with the “harder” sound that Branford is known for. Tip opening .070"

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