Dave Guardala Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The laser trimmed, hand-finished range of Guardala mouthpieces offer precision workmanship and fantastic playability without the cost of a fully handmade mouthpiece.

All mouthpieces come ligature, cap and leather bag

Available in gold or silver plate finish. Select models (Studio and MB II) are available in FATBOY or standard.

The Models

This is the third brightest of the Tenor models. It has tremendous volume with unparalleled resonance and a full and balanced frequency response. This model incorporates a high baffle with a medium bore. The sound of this model is clearly demonstrated by Michael Brecker in the period 1979-1982 (Brecker Brother´s Band). The Studio can be used for all types of music a “ Studio Man “ would encounter, from Fusion to Swing, hence is name. This is our middle of the road mouthpiece.
Tip opening 7* = .106" - .107", 8* = .110" - .112"

The mouthpiece for the ultimate Fusion Sound. Unique Nadir Fusion of the most popular mouthpieces. The baffle is a fusion of the Studio and the MBII. The chamber is a combination of MB and MBII. This mouthpiece is the ultimate Fusion mouthpiece but can also be used for Pop and Rock.
7 = .107-.108", 8 = .116", 9 = .118"

This model is the exact replica of the mouthpiece that Michael Brecker used. This model incorporates a moderately high baffle with a large bore. It is less bright than the Studio Model but brighter than the Traditional Model. It should works well for the mainstream Jazz. Tip opening 7* = .106" 8*= .116”

This model is a hybrid of the Studio and the original Brecker model. This mouthpiece has the high baffle of the Studio model with the large bore of the original Brecker model. This gives you increased volume and brightness with greater ease of playing. It is great for Contemporary/Pop, Rock and Jazz.
The tip opening is 7* = .106" 8*= .114" - .116”

This is the second brightest and compact of the Tenor models. It is patterned after the sound of King Curtis – a combination of the Detroit & Texas sound. This mouthpiece incorporates a high baffle and a small chamber. This mouthpiece can be used for the same types of Music as the SuperKing/ R&B. For players who are acquainted with high baffle and small bore mouthpieces, it can be used for Mainstream, BeBop, Jazz and Contemporary Pop. Tip Opening .116"

Super King
This mouthpiece is The King/R&B with a higher baffle. The chamber and the bore are altered to make a better match with the higher baffle. It should be used when the demands for brightness and power are extreme. It is ideal for music that contains electric instruments that must be competed with, such as Fusion, and Rock’ Roll and Contemporary Pop. This is the brightest of the Guardala mouthpieces.
Tip opening .118" - .120"

An exact replica of the mouthpiece played by Brandford Marsalis, it has a large bore/ chamber and a moderate baffle. It’s ideal for playing mainstream Jazz with the “herder” sound Brandford is known for.
Tip opening .114"

Crescent model was designed with the “Coltrane” sound in mind. The sound of this mouthpiece is reminiscent of the John Coltrane album “Crescent” circa 1963. It had a large bore and a slight baffle. Tip opening .106"

New Crescent
This model features a moderate baffle with a powerfull round sound suitable from rock, fusion to big band lead. Excellent free blowing mouthpiece. Tip opening .105" - .106"

Florida LT
The first Dave Guardala hand-finished mouthpiece with an exclusive wide design (Otto Link Shape). This model is sandblasted and therefore better protected from scratches. It´s the darkest Dave Guardala hand-finished mouthpiece. It incorporates a roll over baffle with a large chamber. If you like the sound of John Coltrane or Dexter Gordon this mouthpiece will suite you perfectly. Tip opening 6* = .093", 7 = .098", 7*= .104”

FATBOY mouthpieces are fatter than the original Guardala’s. The elliptical shape allows the mouthpiece to have a larger size, with a lesser increase of weight. The resulting size/weight ratio is the only way of producing a “BALANCED SOUND” with a mouthpiece larger than the original Dave Guardala Mouthpiece. The additional weight can give more resonances than the same model without. All other dimensions are the same as standard model.

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