Dejacques Neck Strap

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The deJacques saxophone strap has a unique clasp and slide device with quick attach/release coupling and precision fingertip length adjustment.,,,deJacques saxophone strap diagram,, ,,HOW TO USE YOUR DEJACQUES SAXOPHONE STRAP,Clasp: Attach instrument ring by pushing against jaws, which close and lock automatically'held by a tension spring. Unlock by pushing ring backward against a hidden plunger, opening jaws. Remove with sideward or rolling motion while ring is against plunger. These actions can be accomplished in a fraction of a second.,,Slide: Ease of adjustment of the deJacques saxophone strap is equally fast and simple. Even with the cord under tension, the saxophone (or bassoon) can be raised easily by pulling up on the cord slide. After the proper length is determined, it is held firm from slipping, even when the tension is removed. To lower instrument, pull slide downward toward clasp with weight of instrument on clasp.,,The deJacques Ultra Strap employs patented design principles that simplify a critical link between musician and instrument.
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