JodyJazz DV Beatbox tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece 5 opening (0.080”) Derek Brown model

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Since Derek Brown first began inventing new extended techniques on the saxophone he’s been doing it with the JodyJazz DV Tenor Mouthpiece. After much working with Derek to perfect a new mouthpiece that would allow him to perform his extraordinary ‘Beatbox’ techniques with less effort and just the right sound and response Jody Jazz has introduced the new DV BEATBoX Tenor. A silver-plated customized DV mouthpiece in Derek’s preferred #5 tip opening. Available now to all saxophonists looking for the type of control it takes to do what Derek does. Derek does a massive amount of slap tonging when performing his ‘Beatbox’ style, which can be very tiring for the embouchure. Also you have to make the reed fully close against the mouthpiece so it slaps back. This makes the pitch go sharp just like anytime you push up on the reed. Derek played the DV Tenor 8* for many years but as he kept working on new techniques and playing longer and longer solo concerts he started to use smaller tip openings on the DV, first a 7 and then a 6. During this time Derek started to wish he could have a classical tip opening with the DV sound and response. He asked Jody Espina the designer, and maker of the DV if something like that could be possible. So Jody made many prototypes for Derek and in the end he made exactly what Derek was looking for. As you can hear when Derek plays the DV BEATBoX he performs amazing extended saxophone techniques and makes them seem effortless to achieve.
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