Edgware Bore Oil

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  • Made from pure flower oils, including lavender grown in England
  • Hydrophillic properties of the oils allow the wood to breathe, whilst moisturising the fibres
  • Suitable for all wooden clarinets, oboes, bassoons, recorders and bagpipes
  • Inhibits warping and cracking
  • Improves the tone of your instrument over time
  • A real alternative to the commonly used linseed oil, which forms a hard coating inside the bore of instruments, preventing the wood from reacting naturally to temperature and humidity changes

Edgware BY BBICO is a new range of quality musical instrument maintenance
products for woodwind and brass instruments, which we hope will
revolutionise musical instrument product manufacturing’s environmental

  • In biodegradable,
    compostable &
    recyclable packaging
  • Designed and
    packaged in
    the UK
  • Completely
    free of toxins
    & petroleums

    Our products are alternatives to current industry standards which use harmful
    petroleum and toxin-based oils. Not only are these damaging to our already
    fragile planet, but they are also unsafe for unsupervised use by children.

    Edgware BY BBICO is a range of eco-friendly, British-designed and
    packaged musical instrument maintenance products, manufactured to use
    less packaging, produce less waste, and provide healthy alternatives to the
    products available on the market currently.
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