Haynes Amadeus AP86 Piccolo

Article number: 210000018218
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  • Grenadilla Wood Headjoint & Body
  • Silver-Plated Keys
  • Split-E Mechanism
  • Y-Arm Keys

Each Haynes piccolo comes with a hard case, soft carry cover, cleaning rod, inside cleaning cloth and outside cleaning cloth.

Amadeus Piccolo

An impeccable pairing of uncompromising craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, the new Amadeus AP-86 grenadilla wood piccolo is distinctively Haynes. The responsive headjoint plays with ease, while the body and silver plated mechanism provides accurate intonation, balanced registers, and a liquid altissimo. The split-e mechanism is standard, and the choice of a Traditional or Wave style headjoint allows the player to choose the style which captures their imagination.

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