JodyJazz Hard Rubber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The HR* tenor sax mouthpiece is a round chamber mouthpiece which provides a round sound in contrast to a more focused sound which a square chamber provides. This allows the HR* to sound very pretty and the medium chamber allows the piece to have very good projection when pushed.,,Players who now or in the past have played Otto Link, Meyer, Bari, Vandoren, Yanigisawa, or any of the straight ahead hard rubber Jazz mouthpieces out there will be sure to love The JodyJazz HR*. The differences come from our particular facing curve, the exact size and shape of the chamber and our commitment to quality control.,,I have found that many players who have been playing a hard rubber tenor sax mouthpiece for many years are in need of a replacement (due to wear and tear) and do not know where to turn. We have had many many converts who came from playing the most popular hard rubber Jazz pieces. These players are almost always surprised at the quality and consistency of JodyJazz hard rubber tenor mouthpieces.,Special Notes on The HR* Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece,Expect the JodyJazz HR* tenor sax mouthpiece to play just slightly brighter than traditional Otto Links and Meyers. This is due to the slightly smaller chamber. Many different sounds are possible on the JodyJazz HR* hard rubber tenor mouthpieces.,,For example: For Classical playing try our C* or 5* model with a relatively hard reed.,,For a sound similar to Stan Getz use a HR* 5*, 6* or 7 with a harder reed than you might normally use. Play softly and you will hear that beautiful sound with a hint of air it.,,For a sound more like Sonny Rollins us a 6*, 7*, or 8* with a softer reed to get that nice jazzy buzz in the sound. ( These are just the broadest suggestions. The real answer about sound is for you to experiment and find out what works for you.),,JodyJazz HR* Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings,C* = .080 5* = .085 6* = .095 7 = .100 7* = .105 8 = .110 8* = .115 9* = .125 ,10* = .135
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