JodyJazz Metal DV Bass Saxophone Mouthpiece

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What Is the DV Bass Saxophone Mouthpiece?

The DV Bass is a state of the art Bass sax mouthpiece, finally. The DV Bass will appeal to the Bass sax player looking for a mouthpiece that gives the Bass sax the quicker and more immediate response of the Tenor sax. The mouthpiece is based on our popular DV model but has several modifications, the most significant being a very deep chamber tuned to the Bass sax and a new feature I’m calling the hyperbolic chamber which rounds out the tone.

Effortless Power & Beauty

Here, nature, science and imagination combine to create a revolutionary new saxophone mouthpiece. Jody Espina has designed the JodyJazz DV (U.S. Patent No. 7,470,844) using proportions and principles found in nature. For the most effortless playing experience of your life, we invite you to try the DV Bass.

Three Goals in Creating the DV Series of Saxophone Mouthpieces

  1. To create the most efficient sax mouthpiece possible. That means that there are more harmonics present in the sound and therefore the projection of this Bass sax mouthpiece is huge.
  2. To give a more free blowing experience to the Bass saxophone.
  3. To have a big fat mid-range and bottom end while having more clarity of tone than is usually present in Bass sax mouthpieces.

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