Jupiter JAS1100 Limited Edition Alto Saxophone

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The JAS1100 alto saxophone  is a perfect example of the classic hand-crafted design practices that reside alongside state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The JAS1100 is the perfect step-up alto saxophone for the committed student or practicing professional.

In addition to the new finishes, the upgraded Jupiter 1100 Performance Series Alto Saxophone includes an updated ergonomic key structure, highlighted by optimized placement of levers, side keys, and adjustable palm keys. This re-imagined set-up offers players heightened flexibility and technical facility, while reducing stress and hand fatigue. All 1100 Series saxophones come standard with the Sona-Pure neck, manufactured with a special process which imbues the instruments with tonal warmth and clarity.
These captivating finishes offer musicians an expanded range of options to suit their individual style, personality, or mood.

    • The Sona-Pure Neck is created using special artisan tooling and annealing processes that results in a dark, vintage tonal quality
    • Contoured Left-Hand Table Keys with Tilting Bb Rocker Arm provides more comfortable fingering and added agility for the advancing student
    • Metal Tone Boosters add brightness to the sound of the instrument and assist in a tighter key seal
    • JAS1100 provides the most advanced ergonomic keywork to facilitate enjoyable playing experiences

Finishes: Brush Auburn, Twilight Smoke


      • Key : Key of Eb
      • Body Material : Brass Body
      • Neck : Sona-Pure Neck
      • Key Material : Brass Keys
      • Auxiliary Keys : High F# Auxiliary Key
      • Ergonomic Design : Adjustable Palm Keys (Patented), Adjustable Metal Thumb Rest
      • Pads : Metal Tone Boosters
      • Sping Material : Blued Steel Springs
      • Adjustable Screw Design : Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws (Patented)
      • Case : Backpack Softcase

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