Jupiter Resin 700N Bb Clarinet

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There are various design adjustments to this new model, which enhance the success of the previous model. The ABS matt plastic body has had its bore increased to 0.583inches (14.80mm) which warms up the sound. The domed throat a key has an increased curved angle towards the closest ring key, helping young players, particularly around the more difficult break area. The C/G tone hole has been uplifted giving a height balance with the index and middle fingers, and the chromatic Eb/Bb key has been redesigned to be parallel with the C#/G# key, allowing easier fingering. What does this mean? - simply, the traditional easy to play nature of the Jupiter student clarinet has been enhanced with a nicer tone, more comfortable fingering and more ease of playing. This is The Music Place's favourite student clarinet at a very affordable price.,,Please Note: While there are new instruments available from other countries that cost significantly less, The Music Place only chooses to stock products that we know meet our stringent quality demands so that you may be assured of playability, reliability and resale value from all our instruments.
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