Kuhnl & Hoyer Spirit Bb Trumpet - Silver - S/O - Maw Valves

Article number: P-6435
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The Spirit is everything beautiful in a trumpet.,Resonant and secure with its MAW valves, this trumpet has to be played to be elieved.,,No. 106 15,, brass bell, bell diameter 123 mm (4.843'), ML bore, hand lapped stainless steel valves, brass lead pipe , stopper on 1st and 3rd valve slide, 2 Amado water keys, clear lacquer, heavy bottom valve caps, mouthpiece 1C,,Individual adaptations are possible,with different bells:,S0 = light, S1 = standard,,The heavy bottom valve caps enable ,an individual adjustment of the sound.

| Dennis Stevenson 22-03-2021 12:20

The Kuhnl and Hoyer Bb Spirt with MAW valves is arguably one of the best Bb trumpets I have ever played. Impeccable intonation, no resistance within the instrument, excellent valves response and overall quality is second to none. I would certainly recommend the K&H Spirit with MAW valves to any trumpet player looking for a great trumpet.

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