KraftGeek Foldable Music Stand

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The KraftGeek Music Stand redefines the traditional music stand with its all-in-one design and rich accessories.

Featuring a compact design, this music stand can be easily transported to rehearsals, concerts, and other performances. The stand is incredibly durable, made from sturdy metal materials.

✓ Built-in music sheet holder
✓ Compact size and portable
✓ Instant height adjustment
✓ Optional carry bag, smart-device holder and light

Small in Dimension

17''/0.43m folded size, 1.16kg/2.56lbs lightweight. The compact & portable design is lightweight and easy to carry. Take your KraftGeek Music Stand to your next gig and travel with ease.

Big in Versatility

With just one pull, you can effortlessly bring your music sheet to any desired height. Featuring the latest patented technology in its center extension rod. The music stand can instantly halt and sync with your movements.

No Assembly Required

KraftGeek Music Stand is an all-in-one solution designed with KraftGeek’s unique tripod deploy structure. Simply unfold in seconds with no assembly required.

One Twist

The tripod legs are released instantly with one twist. Expand the base by pushing down on the handle sleeve.

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