Kühnl & Hoyer Bart Van Lier .480/88Mk II Bb Tenor Trombone, Nickel Silver Slide, Matt Lacquer, Variable Weight System - Detachable Bell

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No. 181 11 NZ

  • detachable brass bell
  • bell diameter 195 mm (7.677″)
  • dual bore 12,2 mm/12,4 mm (0.480/0.488″)
  • conical nickel slide
  • variable weight system
  • curved grip brace on the slide
  • Matt lacquer body, lacquer slide.

    This is one of a set of three trombones made for trombonist Bart van Lier by Kuhnl & Hoyer in Markt Erlbach, Germany. The others being of .500" and .512" bore. This dual bore model is the smallest of the three. Its .480"-.488" hand slide is akin to a classic King 2B, leading to a centered tone, a clear high range, good malleability, and nice sound on a microphone. It's reminiscent of the 1940's style of trombone.

    Kuhnl & Hoyer is one of the premier brass instrument makers and these trombones are as beautiful as can be. The 480 slide hand brace is curved, adding a more comfortable grip. The hand slide action is perfectly smooth and quiet, even when clean and dry. The bell rims are left un-soldered in the style of classic Conn and Holton designs, with homage to the classic Urbie Green model. This bell style leads to a livelier response and lighter effort needed to manipulate the sound to your liking. The BLV trombones are sweet like that.

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