Kühnl & Hoyer Bb/F/Gb/D Bass Trombone "Model 563", Open Wrap, In Line, .563 Bore, 160mm Bell, Gold Brass Bell, Nickel Silver Slide

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“.563“ – handmade German quality!

No. 159 25 NZ

  • open wrap, in-line valves
  • gold brass bell
  • bell diameter 260 mm (10.236″)
  • bore 14,3 mm (0.563″)
  • nickel silver slide
  • 2 high-quality nickel silver rotary valves, progressive bore
  • curved grip brace on body and slide
  • multi-adjustable trigger on both valve levers
  • clear lacquer
  • mouthpiece 1 ½ G

The modern construction characterizes this new bass trombone model.

  • New formed bows for a powerful sound and a precise response
  • A well-engineered mechanic for a high comfortable playing
  • The curved grip brace on body and slide assist the effortless posture of the trombone563 mit geradem Steg

nickel silver light weight slide
hand support

If requested: The bass trombone “.563“ is also available with straight braces on body and slide.

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