Kuhnl & Hoyer Bb/F/Gb/D Bass Trombone "Orchestra Symphonic", Open Flow In Line Valves, .563 Bore, 260mm Bell, Gold Brass Bell, Brass Slide

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Successor model of the winner of the German Musical Instrument Award 2007 -
Bb/F/Gb/D-Bass Trombone Model "Orchestra bass“

Developed in close cooperation with the bass trombone players Jürgen Zellner (former trombonist at the Nuremberg Philharmonic Orchestra) and Benjamin Appel (Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and member of the famous brass ensemble “Blechschaden”).

No. 186 25 NZ

  • open wrap, in-line valves
  • detachable gold brass bell
  • bell diameter 260 mm (10.236″)
  • bore 14,3 mm (0.563″)
  • nickel silver slide with exchangeable brass lead pipe “B1“
  • 2 K&H-“open flow“-nickel silver rotary valves with light rotor, progressive bore
  • heavy cap inlay for F-valve
  • curved grip brace on body and slide
  • multi-adjustable trigger on both valve levers
  • clear lacquer
  • mouthpiece KÜHNL bass 7.6D

screw ring on the bell flare
BRONZE light weight slide
brass slide
conical nickel silver slide, bore 14,3/14,7 mm (0.563/0.579″)
long water key
gold brass bell, bell diameter 270 mm (10.629″)
extra brass lead pipe “B2“ (more direct response)
hand support

“open flow“-valve: This valve with light rotor has a larger diameter. By the optimised bore a full open aerial passage arises.


Benjamin Appel about his new bass trombone: “The new Bass Trombone “Orchestra symphonic” is characterised by an easy response and a warm sound in all levels. With the huge bell (diameter 270 mm) and the new “open flow”-valves you can also prompt play at Bruckner and Wagner extreme volume, whereas the tone is never been pushed. Because of its flexibility, it is a truly succeeded bass trombone convincing not only in an orchestra, but also in brass ensembles!”


a master instrument – distinctive in sound and design

Manufactured in the Tradition of the
German Musical Instrument Award winners

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